Pre-workshop Checklist

Please prepare the following prior to the workshop.

This is important! We have only 2 hours for the workshop, so preparing the following before workshop can save tons of time!

Register an account on Kaggle

  1. Navigate to Kaggle

  2. Click on register. You could register with your email or with Google. If you sign-up using Google, then you do not need to verify your email. Sign up with Google to save the hassle!

  3. Pick your unique name to display as your profile name.

  4. Accept the terms and conditions. Please read through! (I belive you wont!)

  5. This is the main page of Kaggle

Kaggle Notebooks

We will be using Jupyter Notebook during the workshop. Since the dataset is already in Kaggle, and Kaggle Notebook support fancy animation, therefore we use Kaggle Notebook! How to use the notebook then?

  1. Click on Code on the side bar and you will see the following.

  2. Click on New Notebook button and you will see the following!

Please prepare up till here before the workshop starts!